Why Sixthirty

Your renovation begins here.

You wouldn't purchase a car without knowing it had everything you wanted.

Why would you do the same with your renovation?

Let Sixthirty's architects help you design, plan, and coordinate throughout the process.

Apartment foyer designed by Sixthirty

How is Sixthirty different?

Experienced Architects

Sixthirty is founded by licensed architects with over 40 years of combined experience in residential and retail design.

Affordable Service

Design, construction, and assistance packages priced by your space, floor area, and project phase.

Design and Visualization

Work one-on-one with our architects to visualize your custom design of your space with amazing, realistic rendered views.

Construction Documents

A buildable set of dimensioned floor plans, elevations, details, and specifications tailored to your design.   

Project Assistance

Project budgeting, contractor selection, bid leveling, and a dedicated architect during construction.

Shopping List Purchasing

Purchasing and coordinating of owner furnished items including your fixtures, finishes, and furniture.

Sixthirty for your home.

Design By Room

Starting at $249

Construction Documents - Residential

Starting at $649

Sixthirty for your business.

Starting at $649

Construction Documents - Commercial

Starting at $1,049

Sixthirty for your project.

Project Support - Residential

Starting at $349

Shopping List Purchasing - Residential

Starting at $99